• What device can my child bring?

    Students can bring any device that has access to a wireless network. Examples include but are not limited to: ipad, iphone, itouch, nook, kindle, laptop

    Who pays for the personal computing device students bring to school?

    Personal devices are bought by the family and remain the property of the family.

    My student has lost their device, now what?

    Pleasant Union Elementary School is not liable for any device that is stolen or damaged. Responsibility to keep the device secure rests with the individual owner. We recommend using protective cases and decals so that devices are easily recognizable. 

    How will students know when to use the device in the classroom?

    Teachers will use a BYOD color wheel inside their classroom to indicate what type of technology day it will be.

    Green: Devices are allowed all day.

    Yellow: Devices can be removed from book bag and parked until the teacher directs students to use them.

    Red: No devices should be removed from book bags for the day.

    My student brought the device to school and the battery needs charged, do the schools have chargers?

    Students must be responsible for charging and making sure their device is ready to go for school. The school will not provide or allow students to charge devices in the classroom.

    My child left his/her device at home, can I bring it to her at school?

    Students are expected to bring devices to school in the morning and take them home in the afternoon. Parents are not allowed to drop off devices to students and students are not allowed to call home about forgotten devices.