AMS Student Device Expectations

  •  Students will follow the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) Guidelines for WCPSS.

    Click below to access and download a copy of the AMS BYOD Contract to be turned into homeroom teacher (Contracts will not be accepted if modified).

    BYOD Contract English Version

    BYOD Contract Spanish Version

    *Only one contract, digitally or hard copy, needs to be turned in per/student. 

    Student Expectations

    • Students MUST have permission to bring a device to school
    • Students AND guardians are required to sign the BYOD contract
    • ONLY the owner of the device can touch...not a friend or a teacher
    • Device for instructional purposes only
    • AMS is not responsible for providing facilities to charge devices; devices are expected to be charged at home and put away after the battery loses its charge
    • NO DEVICE USE ZONES: Bathrooms and Locker Rooms
    • School Staff reserves the right to change procedures and storage of devices as needed
  • BYOD