• Digital Image

    Pictures and Media for Projects

    Students can add tags to images using ThingLink (Links to an external site.). Tags can be web links, comments, photos, or videos. ThingLink is a free iPad app (Links to an external site.) and it’s also a website (Links to an external site.). Saving a ThingLink project requires an account because saved projects are posted on ThingLink.com. ThingLink.com provides embed code so you can showcase projects on your own website.

    ThingLink is rated 12+ in the App Store because it has the ability to search and embed YouTube videos. Used in a supervised setting, this should not pose a problem.

    Students can use ThingLink to make interactive reports, digital portfolios, tagged maps, learning summaries, interactive book talks, talking artwork, history projects, study guides, and much more.

    Tagged images in ThingLink can be wonderful for bringing together student products into one master project. For instance, Kevin Hodgson linked student portfolios together on a ThingLink (Links to an external site.).  I like that each student is represented with an avatar made using Bitstrips (Links to an external site.). I also like that Kevin embedded the ThingLink into a wiki.