• Devices APPS

    • Grammerly:  Grammarly makes you a better writer by finding and correcting up to 10 times more mistakes than your word processor
    • Project Based Learning:  The perfect tool for Project Based Learning through collaborative digital projects. Ignite your students' creativity, collaboration and accountability while helping you take the guesswork out of group work.
    • Stick Around:   

    Students turn what they know into a puzzle with the Stick Around (Links to an external site.) app. Puzzles are made in three steps:

      1. Use drawing tools and/or import photos to make a background.
      2. Add stickers with text, images, and or drawings.
      3. Indicate where stickers belong by making an answer key.

    Puzzles are played by dragging the stickers from the tray on the right side of the screen onto the correct spot on the background. Types of puzzles that can be made include sorting, categorizing, labeling, and matching. Puzzles can be played on the same iPad, and they can also be shared to other iPads that have Stick Around installed. Since the end product is a game, students keep their audience in mind as they craft and test their puzzles.

    Students can use Stick Around to make puzzles where players tag parts of the body, place items where they belong on a chart, label items in a photo, associate words and definitions, complete a graphic organizer, put words in alphabetical order, and so much more.

    This app is a special one to me because I co-created it. After working with iPad apps for a few years, teachers kept asking for an app where they could insert their own content to make matching activities. I partnered with MorrisCooke, the app design studio responsible for the very popular Explain Everything (Links to an external site.) app, to make my app idea a reality. In fact, if you are familiar with Explain Everything’s tools and menus, you’ll feel right at home in Stick Around (Links to an external site.).

    Yes, teachers can make Stick Around puzzles. But we really hope more puzzles are made by students than teachers. Like other digital learning artifacts, creating a puzzle requires knowledge of the topic. Puzzles can have introductory web links and audio. Each sticker can also have weblinks, comments, and audio. In this way, a puzzle really is a way to explain something, which certainly helps the puzzle maker’s understanding of the topic.

    Animation Desk supports 3 layers of drawing.
    You can also import a video to a layer to enrich your work. Never lost in frame-by-frame drawing.
    View a sequence of frames in semi-transparent versions. Simple and quick—these high quality brushes are designed
    to help artists of all levels create beautiful drawings.

    Audioboo is an audio platform that makes it easy for educators to create and share podcasts with, students, parents and the world. It works on IOS devices (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone). Audioboo's are limited to 5 minutes of length. An Audioboo can be listened to on PC's, Macs, and on almost all portable devices. One of the things that makes Audioboos appealing in the classroom is that your Audioboo feed can be subscribed to in iTunes just like any podcast. This makes it good option as a way to get classroom information into students and parents hands, as almost every household has an iTunes/podcast device. Audioboos can also be shared on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. 

    Artist Corner is designed as a revolutionary drawing community and education platform mainly for teenagers. It is different from other drawing apps because you can share pictures to the gallery and get followers and comments.