• collaboration  COLLABORATION

    7 Ways to Spark Innovation and Collaboration In Your School  

    Padlet: A place to virtually collaborate. Imagine a big bulletin board you can put documents, sticky notes, audio or video recordings, or photos on. Embed your Padlet on other websites.
    Teacher Login: Use your WCPSS Google Login
    Student Login: Use your WCPSS Google Login


    PBWorks: Create collaborative Wiki-type websites. 

    Request an account here: http://wikisupport.wcpss.net/index.htm


    Today's Meet: Virtual meeting area. Teacher Login: Create your own


    Voice Thread:

    Create multimedia-rich conversations, much like a text-based message board. Also available as an app on school iPads. 

    Teacher Login: Username: wcs+employee ID number WITHOUT any leading zeros. Ex: wcs123456Password: ONLY your employee number with no leading zeros.

    Student Login: Username: wcp+student ID numberPassword: student ID number