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    Website/Online Class Creation (Google Classroom, Google Sites, Canvas, Live Binder)


    • Everything in one place. Join the class in one click and then have all of the materials at your fingertips.
    • Start a conversation. Communicate privately with your teacher or ask questions to the whole class. ...
    • Submit assignments. Attach anything to your assignments -- Google Docs, Drive files or links

    Using Google Sites



    • 7 awesome website tools for students



    Are you using or planning to use Google Classroom in your instruction? Here is a run-down of 12 important things every student should be able to do on Google Classroom. These are basic tasks to help students manage their classes and assignments in Classroom. This work is based on guidelines provided by Google Classroom Help. The chart at the end of this post provides links to resources where students can learn more about how to go about doing each of the tasks mentioned in the visual. Enjoy. 


    • Canvas Instructor Guide


    • Live Binder


    LiveBinders is a Web2.0 tool that helps you organize online web pages into an electronic binder. The tool lets you look at multiple web sites, Word documents, and PDFS within the same 'binder' window, organized by tabs, however you have put them together. A user can also add a few comments about each tab, allowing the reader some insight into the creator's organization.