• Troubleshooting

    Need some help fast? Here's a FAQ about common tech-related issues...

    Office 365:

    Creating groups - It’s not called groups for personal groups. Instead you have to go to your contacts (not groups) then click on the drop down arrow beside the new button and then click new contact list.

    Adding a Read Receipt - Down in the bottom right corner where it says "Send" in the blue box  you will see a downward facing arrow. Click on "show message options..." A box pops up where you can select "Sensitivity (normal etc) Request a delivery receipt or a read receipt. 

    However, if you attach a read receipt the recipient can choose to accept or deny it. So if you send me an email with a read receipt I can opt to not send that read receipt back to you. When I get a read receipt email I get a pop up asking me if I want to send the confirmation back to the sender.  You can “request” a read receipt by clicking the three dots at the top of your new message window, then click message options. You will then see Request Read Receipt but again it’s just a request that the receiver can deny.

    e-mail going to junk - I've noticed a bunch of emails that aren't junk ending up in the junk folder since the transition to Outlook. They're from a variety of senders, from Yahoo to Gmail. Most of these people's emails did not end up in junk previously in Lotus Notes. 

    This happens because the Microsoft Spam filter is not excluding these senders. To avoid this from happening in the future

    1. Navigate to the Junk folder, Right Click on the email message, point on Junk and select Never Bolck Sender' s domain. This will prevent future messages from the sender' s domain end up in the Junk Folder.

    2. Then right click on the message again point on Junk and select Not Junk and click OK. This will send the message to your Inbox.

    Disabling junk mail in Office 365: 

    -click on the wheel in the upper right hand corner
    -Scroll down and click on "mail" near the bottom
    -a menu then appears on the left....click on "Block or allow" under Accounts
    -then select "don't move email to my Junk Email folder"


    Chrome phasing out Flash due to security risks

    Chrome has said they will begin phasing out Flash on all but the highest visited sites (YouTube, Facebook, etc) due to the security risks with it.  Firefox may allow you to access some sites now, but eventually, they will be phasing it out as well.  Websites have known about this for awhile, and were encouraged to move their content inline with HTML5 standards, but many have not done so, hence the errors you may be getting.  

    Good post here with additional background: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-36301904

    Information about 70" monitors vs. interactive whiteboards and projectors
    1.  What are these 70" monitors I keep hearing about?
    In new schools and available to any school for purchase, the new standard for projection in WCPSS is a 70" monitor (instead of a projector or interactive whiteboard). The current model is the Sharp LC-70LE661U. The model can be found for purchase on the Sample PO page on the intranet. 
    2.  Why a 70" monitor instead of a projector or interactive whiteboard?
    The 70" monitor is expected to have a longer life and lower total cost of ownership over several years. Projectors and IWBs have proven to require a great deal of maintenance, including expensive replacement bulbs, and low reliability. Monitors require very little or no maintenance, come with a lengthy warranty and service plan, and are expected to deliver tens of thousands of hours of use without trouble. 
    3.  Are the 70" monitors interactive?
    No. Any interactivity must happen on the teacher's laptop or on student devices. 
    4.  Are the 70" monitors wireless?
    No. Teachers must connect their laptop via the supplied HDMI cable, which carries HD video and audio. 
    5.  Aren't these just Smart TVs? What about all the features?
    Although the model on the Sample PO is a high-end version, it is very similar to what you might purchase for home use, and therefore has built-in apps, a browser, and is Wi-Fi capable. These features are unnecessary for classroom use and present additional security issues. Many require a subscription (such as Netflix) and can be more easily duplicated from the teacher's laptop. For these reasons, it is strongly recommended that you not attempt to use any of these features. 
    6.  How much do they cost?
    Prices vary from year to year, so check the Sample PO for the latest. As of now, the 70" classroom model is approximately $1850. 
    7.  Why so expensive? 
    The price includes installation and all necessary components, including the mount, cable, and extended warranty. One PO includes everything you need. 
    8.  I saw a TV at BestBuy that was only $800. Why shouldn't I purchase that instead?
    Most consumer TVs come with a very limited warranty and service. If you purchase a non-standard TV, installation and service will not be included. Although you may save a few dollars, there is no certainty of service beyond the short warranty period. District standards allow for better technical and instructional support. 
    9.  Can I connect other devices to the monitor?
    Yes. In addition to four HDMI inputs, the monitor has a USB input, VGA input, and audio inputs and outputs. 
    10.  Should I replace all projectors and IWBs in the school with 70" monitors?
    It depends on your individual situation. If projectors or IWBs are failing and need to be replaced, the 70" monitor is the best option. It is an expensive process, and may require several years to complete. It is recommended that you work with your MTAC and ITLMS to assess your needs and develop a plan. 

    Here are a collection of universal (iOS and PC) tools that might interest you. 
    Adobe Spark Page (fr Adobe Slate) is my top choice.  The final product is an appealing website. [Have a look because my description does not do it justice.]  If students are under 13, you would need to create a class/teacher Adobe ID to share with the students.  Here is a link to the Adobe Spark Educator guide.
    Tackk would be my second choice.  Tackk allow you to include a wide range of multimedia in your project.  There are a wide variety of templates and customization options too.  Plus, it is already interacted with GAFE products.
    How about Book Press (Bookemon)?  You would need to enroll the students plus supply usernames and passwords. It is very flexible in terms of allowing you to upload already created items in different formats: Word, PPT, PDFs, photos, etc; you could use one of the templates or just start from scratch. One bonus that I liked is that you or the parents could also order print copies of the book.  (We are thinking of using Book Press/ Bookemon to do our school yearbook.)

    Google Classroom Video Bugs:
    The workaround is to click on the video in the Classroom post, then click on the three dots for more options, then choose Open in New Window. This will open the video in Google Drive for you to see.

    Unfortunately, we are experiencing sporadic issues concerning user access to Google Plus.
    If possible, when you are experiencing issues logging into Google +, please send tech support a .HAR file by following these steps. This could help us see where the disconnect is happening. It will need to be done on Google Chrome and started before they try to log into Google + so we can see the steps taken from the very beginning:
    1-Click the menu icon in the top-right. This is the icon with three horizontal lines.
    2-Choose 'More tools'->'Developer tools' to bring up the console.
    3-Select 'Network'.
    4-Ensure the box labeled 'Preserve log' is checked.
    5-You will see a small red circle in the top-left of the console, indicating that it is recording. If the circle is black, click on it to begin recording.
    6-Reproduce the issue. You'll begin to see data collecting in the console window.
    7-Click the red circle to stop recording.
    8-Right-click in the console window and select 'Save as HAR with Content' to download the .har data file
    9-Send us that file. 

    Problems with Wordle

    IE - Silverlight updates with Windows Updates on a weekly basis-  so you should have the latest.    - If the Machines are not left on during the week to get the updates that could be a problem. Updates come out typically on Tuesday evenings and are pushed on Wednesdays. Firefox likes to block certain plugins by default.

    The current version of Java works for Wordle (and most other products).  If the site loads in Firefox, when the blocked warning comes up, click "Activate Java".  The second time (when the user goes to show the "wordcloud"), click the "show all button" and "allow and remember for both Java entries".  After this, it will work and continue to work for that user on that machine. 

    Problem: My laptop won't show on my projector!

    Answer: If you have attached your new teacher laptop to the projector, hold down the ESC and F7 keys at the same time. This will give you the option to "duplicate" your display - you'll see the same thing on your projector as you do the computer screen. If you're using an older laptop, the keystroke is FN and F7.

    Problem: One of my students messed with my computer and now the screen is updside down!

    Answer: Easily corrected - but you have to login first. Once logged in (typing upside down isn't fun), use the following key combinations...

    • Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow: To flip the screen to the right.
    • Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow: To flip the screen to the left.
    • Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow: To set the screen to its normal display settings.
    • Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow: To flip the screen upside down.

     Below is how to blockstudents from changing itunes accounts and then you will see what other restrictions you can set when you are in an ipad: 

    1. How do I prevent students or staff from signing out of the iTunes and iCloud accounts?

    Locking the accounts on the device so that users cannot sign out can be done through the settings on the device or by using Apple Configurator. To lock accounts or other features from the device:

    • Tap Settings

    • Tap General

    • Tap Restrictions

    • Tap Enable Restrictions

    • Set a passcode and then confirm the passcode       passcode = ????

    • Tap Accounts at the bottom of the screen

    • Tap Don't Allow Changes