What type of device can my child bring for BYOD?


    Things to consider about BYOD devices: 

    • A tablet, Nook, iPad, laptop, smartphone, etc. that can access a wireless server. Today most devices have built in wireless cards, but older models may need to have an external wireless adapter. 
    • A minimum of 1G memory in order to process materials found on the Internet. Dual processor level or higher.
    • An Internet Browser such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox on tje device.
    • There is no minimum requirement for storage,but please be aware that some class projects may require larger capacity. (flash drive, Dropbox, etc.)
  • Examples of acceptable devices

    • iPad
    • iPod Touch
    • Smartphone
    • iPhone
    • Laptop
    • Chromebook
    • Netbook
    • Kindle
    • Nook
    • Other Android Tablet