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  • Stough Stallions will BYOD to make purposeful connections to our WORLD in order to increase life-long learning through communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

  • What does BYOD look like at Stough?

    Beginning Fall of 2016, we will pilot BYOD in select classes.  In conjunction with school supplied technology, students will have the opportunity to bring their own technology devices from home to use in the classroom.  The devices will be used to enhance the great instructional practices already taking place.

    What Type of Device Do I Need?

    A variety of devices may be used during BYOD.  Below are a few guidelines.  

    • Select a tablet, Nook, iPad, laptop, smartphone, Chromebook that can access a wireless server. Today most devices have built in wireless cards, but older models may need to have an external wireless adapter. 
    • A device with a minimum of 1G memory and dual processor level or higher is needed in order to process materials found on the Internet. 
    • An Internet browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and/or Internet Explorer should be installed on the device.
    • There is no minimum requirement for storage. However, please be aware that some class projects may require a large storage capacity. External storage such as flash drives, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. may be accessed.
    • All students must have written permission to access the Internet and use technology devices at school. If a parent/guardian has previously signed a WCPSS document denying access, then students will not be able to participate in BYOD. Note: This is not something that can be changed at the school level. The changing of the student access status must be done at the county level.

    All students will continue to have access to Stough owned technology devices as they work in collaborative teams to complete class assignments.


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