• College Foundation of North Carolina - Student Financial Aid  

    The Student Financial Aid for North Carolinians publication is designed to help more NC families plan, apply, and pay for college.  While it does not include all information available through multiple sources, the publication does cover the following topics:   
    • Overview of Financial Assistance for Students 
    • Glossary of Financial Aid Terms 
    • Government Programs 
      • Scholarships and Grants
      • Loans
      • Work 
    • Programs for Specific Undergraduate Majors or Careers 
    • Privately Funded Programs 
    • Programs for Military and Their Dependents 
    • Resources for Students with Special Needs 
    • Programs for Graduate and Professional Students 
    • Tax Incentives for College Attendance 
    • North Carolina Postsecondary Institutions 

    Please click the following link to be directed to this resource.  Please note it is 56 pages in length. Student Financial Aid for North Carolinians