• Since we are not at school today but need to keep moving, I made sure to upload everything we would have been doing in class today to keep things going!  I know the kdis will be excited.


    6th grade track 1:

    Word problems dealing with Surface area and volume so that when we gfet back they can review and take a test

    Surface area word problems


    6th grade tracks 3 and 4:

    More practice with parallel lines cut by a transversal, everyone has a test coming up about this really soon, track 3 this will get it back in your brain, track 4 this will give you extra practice.  Also you can watch the exterior sum theorem and triangle sum theorem videos to be ready for tomorrow

    Triangle Homework


    7th Grade track 1:

    This will give you practice multiplying and factoring do problems 1-12 all and then 29-51 odd, and watch multiplying binomials and polynomials for tomorrow


    Multiplying and Factoring


    7th grade tracks 3 and 4:

    I have attached a quiz review for your quiz on exponential functions.  remember the graphs should be curves either in the positive or negative direction.  If you plug in number and get a straight line, you have done the math wrong!!

    Unit 5 review



    8th Grade All tracks

    You will be having tests when we return so you should be studying and working on the study guides we started on Friday!  Track 1 the top 1 is for you, track 4 since you missed class on Friday you need the unit 4 review

    Test review and answers

    Unit 4 test review for track 4

    unit 4 test review for track 3 and 4