The BYOD initiative at Forestville Road Elementary School will be piloted in a 1st grade, a 3rd grade, a 4th grade and a 5th grade class this Spring. We will allow students in these selected classes to bring their own technology devices (laptops, smartphones, Nooks, Kindle, tablet, iPads, etc.) into the classroom. These devices are to be used at the discretion of individual teachers to enhance lessons and learning. Teachers will incorporate devices at appropriate points within their lessons to build ideas, enlist creativity, grant quick access to information and allow students internet access to develop knowledge and collaborationin the classroom. 

    All rules and procedures will be outlined, explained and modeled prior to students using devices in school.

    Students will keep their devices in a designated location as directed by the teacher. Failure to comply with the rules and procudures will result in having to put the device away.

    Students are not required to have a device, and will continue to have access to devices currently provided by the school.  

    BYOD is a privilege not a right for students and we will follow schoolwide discipline policies.