• STEM Education Definition

    STEM education recognizes both the practical applications of science, technology, engineering and math, and the interconnectedness of all disciplines, including the arts and humanities.  Furthermore, it develops students’ aptitudes of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity so they can solve complex issues and excel in a global society.


    The WCPSS STEM Collaborative Network’s mission is to empower educators to create transformative learning environments through STEM Education.  We will foster collaboration among all partners resulting in an increase of STEM education exposure for K-12 students throughout the county, and creating a common language of problem solving and collaboration.  Partners will develop and share best practices in STEM education and provide context for the curriculum through authentic educational experiences.  Experiences will be tailored to increase student’s understanding of the globally competitive workplace and to prepare them to excel in that environment.


    The WCPSS STEM Collaborative Network will join school, higher education, business, and community partners to leverage their strengths, enhancing the integration of STEM education throughout the K-12 learning environment to ultimately serve as a national model for STEM integration.