Special Programs Department

  • Apex High School serves over 200 students with a variety of special needs through our Special Education Department.  The Apex High School special education teachers and support staff are committed to meeting the needs of all students with disabilities and protecting their rights and those of their families.  

Special Programs Department Directory

Name Area Email Website
Hubbard, Jennifer, Co-Department Chair Co-Chair jhubbard@wcpss.net
Macdougall Schweer, Jenny, Co-Department Chair Co-Chair jmacdougall@wcpss.net
Bradford, Ashley CCR abradford2@wcpss.net
Brown, Stefanie CCR sbilobranbrown@wcpss.net
Chiarolanzio, Emily ID-Severe echiarolanzio@wcpss.net
Hersh, Savanna ID-Severe shersh@wcpss.net
Hill, Jana OCS jkhill@wcpss.net
Jones, Chelsea CCR cjones10@wcpss.net
Long, Heather CCR hlong@wcpss.net
Rose, Anna-Lee BST arose@wcpss.net

Special Programs Assistants Directory

Name Area Email
Ali, Meraj 1:1 TA mfali@wcpss.net
Bass, Lizzie ID-Severe TA lbass@wcpss.net
Castaldo, Breanna ID-Severe TA bcastaldo@wcpss.net
Harden, Melanye OCS TA mharden@wcpss.net
Huggins, Jimmy Future Ready 1:1 jhuggins@wcpss.net
Kroeger, Ellen Future Ready 1:1 ekroeger@wcpss.net
May, Janice OCS TA jmay@wcpss.net
Nista, Beth AST TA bnista@wcpss.net
Richardson, Jaqueline MU TA jrichardson2@wcpss.net
Wolfe, Janice ID-Moderate TA jwolfe@wcpss.net