Science Department

  • Science at Apex High School allow you to explore your interests!  Prerequisites are listed in parentheses.

    Graduation Requirements: You need 3 science credits for graduation. Pick a minimum of one from each list.  Within each requirement, the courses are generally listed in order of increasing difficulty.

    Science Pathways

Science Department Directory

Name Email Web Site
Rebecca Aikens raikens
Megan Alvord malvord @mrsalvord
Stefanie Anderson sanderson4
Lisa Blake lblake
Carol Bost cbost
Jeffrey Derda jderda Canvas
Becky George rgeorge2
Joshua Gurkin jgurkin
Carly Johnson cjohnson4
Kerry Piper kpiper
Amanda Rutledge arutledge Canvas
Carolynn Thomason cthomason
Mark Trezona mtrezona canvas