Science Department

  • The Science Department at Apex High School strives to increase students’ scientific literacy and empower them with the communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills necessary to creatively navigate an ever-changing world.  Students must complete three science courses for graduation: Biology (Academic or Honors), Earth/Environmental Science (Academic, Honors, or AP), and a physical science course (Physical Science, Chemistry (Academic or Honors), or Physics (Academic, Honors, or AP)).  To support students’ interests and post-graduate plans, we offer seven AP courses, elective courses including Anatomy and Physiology, Marine Ecology, Forensic Science, and Astronomy and sponsor clubs including Science National Honors Society, Science Olympiad, Environmental Club, Astronomy Club, and Robotics Club.


    Students entering from middle school with a strong science/math background are encouraged to take Honors Biology their freshman year to allow for more advanced science classes (including AP Environmental Science) in the future.  Students seeking to fulfill the minimum graduation requirements and/or gradually build their scientific literacy are encouraged to start with Earth/Environmental Science. There are many science sequences possible. Some examples are shown below.  If students are unsure which courses to take in 10th, 11th, and 12th grades, they are encouraged to ask any of their science teachers.


    Link to Science Course Sequence

Science Department Directory

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Thomason, Carolynn
Piper, Kerry, Co-Department Chair
Anderson, Stefanie
Blake, Lisa
Bost, Carol, Co-Department Chair
Derda, Jeff Canvas
Gurkin, Joshua
Johnson, Carly
Rutledge, Amanda Canvas
Trezona, Mark
Rebecca Aikens
Megan Alvord
Rebecca George