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  • AP English Required Summer Assignments


    The Apex Writing Center is a tool designed for students desiring help with class papers, college or scholarship application essays, or other written works. The Apex High School Writing Center will be open every Tuesday  during lunch and after school. When students come to the Writing Center, they receive help in areas such as brainstorming, organization, grammar, and more. The Writing Center is led by a highly-recommended staff of students, who are volunteering their time to help the other students at our school.

English Department Directory

Name Email Web Site
Dott, Leslie, Department Co-Chair ldott@wcpss.net
McGee, Tori, Department Co-Chair rmcgee2@wcpss.net http://mrsmcgeeahs.weebly.com
Coffey-Hanlin, Andrew acoffey@wcpss.net
Doud, Danielle ddoud@wcpss.net https://wcpss.instructure.com/courses/324720, https://wcpss.instructure.com/courses/329595, https://wcpss.instructure.com/courses/324724
Fackler-Bretz, Megan mfackler@wcpss.net http://mfbenglish.weebly.com/
Ferguson, Scott jferguson@wcpss.net http://apexferg.weebly.com/
Gage, Amy agage@wcpss.net
Gavin, Sarah sdgavin@wcpss.net http://www.msgavinahs.weebly.com
House, Michael mhouse@wcpss.net
Mann, Alexandra amann2@wcpss.net mannster.weebly.com
Nobles, Emily enobles@wcpss.net http://mrsnoblesahs.weebly.com
Nordt, Margaret mnordt@wcpss.net
Senff, Melinda msenff@wcpss.net senff.weebly.com
Summers, Danielle dsummers@wcpss.net https://sites.google.com/view/mssummersenglish/home
Whiteside, Stephanie swhiteside@wcpss.net Swhitesidehonors10.weebly.com