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    Canvas Learning Central
    Centralized location in Canvas for curriuclum, including tons of content links. Login with your WakeID and launch Canvas.
    WCPSS Office of Professional Learning
    Learn about what's going on in our district with PD. This is an INTRANET link, only available from campus computers.
    Start here! WCPSS houses curriculum here - and many pages feature links to digital content.
    A safe online community that connects students and teachers from over 200 countries and territories. Site offers projects for collaboration and instant language translation.
    Pre-made worksheets to accompany video viewings. Has a lot of content for Discovery Ed videos.
    Lots of content in many subject areas - all for free!
    Peer-reviewed lessons. Use their existing library or create your own page and share your lessons with others around the globe.
    Combining art with data - lots of infographics about a variety of topics.
    Select items from lists to generate “students will...” statements.

    Exploratree Graphic Organizers
    A variety of graphic organizers and thinking templates.
    Helps students improve reading speed and comphrehension.
    Lots of digital resources for educators, including printables, literacy strategies, and more.
    Fun from their collection - enables you to virtually view lots of things!
    Connects students and teachers with professionals who work in STEM careers.

    Google Connected Classroom
    Take your class on a virtual field trip!
    Timelines that put historical events into perspective.

    Common Core Explorer
    Search for content aligned with CC standards using this free service.
    Over 16 million resources, including lesson plans and videos.

    All kinds of educational games.dealing with a variety of subject matter.

    “Online text books.” Features a variety of lessons and content, focused mainly on Math and Science.

    An AMAZING collection of useful educational tools, content, and apps. Features reviews and a breakdown of which platform (web? iPad?) the tool can be used on.
    Curiosity and imagination lead to learning. Great for lesson / conversation starters.
    Invite a book author to speak to your class through video conferencing software such as Skype or Google Hangouts.
    Invite a guest speaker or take a virtual field trip using Skype or Google Hangouts.



    Thousands of works of art by students from across the world.
    Web based drawing/art tool.
    Paint or alter photos to match the style of some of the great world artists.

     Social Studies

    Students can explore the world around them with the resources on this site.
    Provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.
    Show your students what history was really like. These collections offer vintage videos that illustrate the state of the world at times in history.
    A vast library of historical maps that have been recently digitized.
    A multimedia encyclopedia covering most countries and cultures in the world. From video content to quick facts, there’s a ton of information here. Requires no login if used on campus.
    Compare maps side-by-side, using a variety of data and historical overlays.
    Google Cultural Institute
    Explore stories and cultures from around the world through a variety of media, including 360 VR content.
    Geography game! Get a 360 view of an area from Google and try to guess where that location is on a map.



    Interactive simulations of science concepts.

    Sponge Labs
    A global science community with all sorts of teaching tools.

    Lots of science resources, including an iPad app that shows the science history of our planet.

     Language Arts

    Get students writing with these great writing lesson ideas.
    Tons of links to great resources.
    More links to great resources.
    Short animations that define words.
    Newsela is an innovative way to build reading comprehension with nonfiction that's always relevant: daily news 
    Help your students improve their grammar and writing skills. Create assignments and quizzes without doing any grading. Target Common Core skills using your students’ interest. Provide students with unlimited help whenever they need it. Track growth using color-coded heat maps.


    Matching Math Tasks to Digital Tools
    Helpful document with lots of links!
    Lots of Math resources, aligned with CC.
    Interactive Math tools and content.

     CTE, FACs, & Technology

    Students can learn all about coding with this computer/technology resource site.
    Cyberix 3D
    A free online game-maker that helps kids understand basic programming.

     Physical Education / Health

    You don't have to be athletic to get healthy - this site helps you with it!

     Professional Development

    Developed to help teachers reach out globally. Suggestions about projects that stretch across the globe.
    A wealth of resources, from Common Core to PD videos. You might also be able to catch them on PBS TV - check your local listings.
    Instructional Technology advice and support from WCPSS Instructional Technology.
Last Modified on September 19, 2017