• Need some help fast? Here's a FAQ about common tech-related issues...

    Problem: My laptop won't show on my projector!

    Answer: If you have attached your new teacher laptop to the projector, hold down the ESC and F7 keys at the same time. This will give you the option to "duplicate" your display - you'll see the same thing on your projector as you do the computer screen.

    Problem: I'm trying to save something to my "H" drive and it says it is full.

    Answer: You're only allowed 500 MB of storage space (which, in today's world, isn't very much) on your "H" drive. Delete old or un-needed files from your H drive to free up space. Alternatively, you can keep files in your cloud-based WCPSS Google Drive. You have unlimited storage space on your WCPSS Google Drive.

    Problem: I have no idea what my WCPSS Google is all about, but someone shared something with me. How do I get it?

    Answer: Visit the Tutorials & Training page and look at the Google Apps quick-start tutorial. This should get you going.

    Problem: One of my students can't seem to get logged into any computer at school. We've had his password reset, what's going on?

    Answer: It's likely the student did not return the computer access Technology Form that was distributed at the start of the year, so the account has been disabled. Check in PowerSchool to see if he has been denied technology access and refer the student to Student Services. The form must be returned complete and with a parent signature for the account to be enabled.

    Problem: How can I easily crop a picture?

    Answer: Find the image file using Windows Explorer (My Computer). Right click on the image file name and choose "edit." Use the rectangular selection tool (one of the large buttons at the top) to draw a rectangle around the part of the image you want to keep. Click the large "Crop" button at the top. Save your newly cropped image.


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Last Modified on November 1, 2016