• Tutorials & Training

    Below you'll find written tutorials to help you get started with some of the commonly used digital tools, along with video tutorials if available. Feel free to use these tutorials for yourself or as student handouts.

     Tool Name - Click for Paper Tutorial


     Video Tutorial

     123-D Catch (Autodesk) iPad app

    Take a series of photos of a subject and turn them into a 3-D object


     Mobile device app used to create augmented reality


     Backup Files / Folders / Favorites

    Instructions for backing up your information in case something happens to your computer

     Not available

     Canvas - Simple Quick-Start Guide


     Video tutorials available at:

    Edmodo Quick Start Guide

    Learning management system, WCPSS subscription.

    Educreations iPad and Web app

     Virtual whiteboard presentation recorder


     Google Apps Overview - Google Drive and Google Docs

     Learn what Google Drive is and how to create a word processed document with Google Docs

     Google Forms  Collect information from visitors
     Google Calendar  Create an infinite number of calendars to keep track of your days
     Experience virtual reality type situations using a Cardboard viewer and a mobile device
     Google Classroom  Intro to the learning management system (LMS)
     Google Hangouts  Learn how to video-call (or video conference) with others
     Google Sites  Create websites with ease using this Google App.  Not available
     Google Slides  Alternative to Powerpoint for slideshow creation

    Gradecam (LRHS Subscription)

    Alternatively, a Quick Start Guide.

     DIY bubble sheets. Print a batch for your class, students fill in their answers, hold bubble sheet in front of laptop camera - and scoring is done!  See videos available on Gradecam website.
     iMovie iPad app  Available only on select school iPads
     iPad introduction  Learn the basic features of iPads  Not available
     Kahoot (paper tutorial not available)       Collect feedback from audience members - great for formative assessment
     Padlet  Collaboration tool, great for brainstorming, sharing information with others through multimedia
     Plickers mobile device app  Very simple audience response collection. Requires only a teacher device, no student devices needed. Great for formative assessment.
     Printer Identification (on school computers)  Identify which printer(s) are installed on a school computer using these directions  Not Available
     Reflector 2  Allows you to wirelessly show (mirror) mobile devices on your teacher laptop screen (which is likely attached to a projector)  Not Available
     Socrative  Audience response system, also accessible through Mastery Connect
     Sketchup 2014 (Trimble)  Design 3-D objects
     SMART Board Setup  Quick directions about how to install SMART Notebook software on your teacher laptop  Not Available
     Stoodle (paper tutorial not available)  Web-based Collaboration tool
     Stop Motion Studio iPad app  Create stop-motion animated videos  Not Available
     Voicethread  Permits media-rich discussions and collaboration ; WCPSS subscription.  Tutorial Video Playlist
     YouTube Capture iPad app  Simple video editing on iPad  Not Available

    Additional Video Learning

    Introduction to Using Technology for Instruction:
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