• Week of 5/9-5/13

    Posted by Heather Cavender on 5/9/2016

    The weekly schedule is as follows: 


    Monday - Unit 11 Test 

    Tuesday - Unit 11 Test Corrections 

    Wednesday- Make up any missing work/Track out

    Thursday-Friday - Track Out 

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  • Week of 4/11-4/15

    Posted by Heather Cavender on 4/11/2016

    This week we will wrap up our study of the Coordinate Plane, and take our Unit 10 Test. 

    Monday- Constant of proportionality 

    Tuesday - Are they proportional? HW Hot Dog Eating Contest 

    Wednesday-  Finding distance on the coordinate plane 

    Thursday - Review 

    Friday - Unit 10 Test 

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  • Week of 4/4-4/8

    Posted by Heather Cavender on 4/4/2016

    Monday - Introduction to Absolute Value "An Exhausting Day" 

    HW - Distance between two points 

    Tuesday -  Calculating Distance, Quiz 

    Wednesday - Independent and Dependent Variables 

    HW - Finish Solve and Snip 

    Thursday - Constant of Proportionality 

    Using Tables Graphs, Equations 

    HW - Relationship Tables 

    Friday - Constant of Proportionality 

    Using Tables, Graphs, Equations 

    HW- Graphing Equations 

    **Bring Colored Pencils for Monday**

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  • Week of March 21-25

    Posted by Heather Cavender on 3/21/2016

    Monday - Percent Bars, Percent of

    HW - Percent word Problems/Quiz 

    Tuesday - Percent word problems 

    HW - Study Island Percents 

    Wednesday - Review BYOD

    Thursday - Unit 9 Test

    Friday - No School 

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  • January 11th-15th

    Posted by Lindsey Graham on 1/11/2016

    Monday: Equations worksheet; Homework: Equations worksheet 2 (TEST CORRECTIONS DUE AS ANNOUNCED FIRDAY) 

    Tuesday: Review homework and begin one step equations. Homework: Finish one-step equations sheet

    Wednesday: Review homework, problem solving challenge. Homework: problem solving challenge. 

    Thursday: Solving add/subtraction/multiplying/division equations. (RETEST GIVEN)

    Friday: Quiz 

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  • December 14-18th

    Posted by Lindsey Graham on 12/14/2015

    Monday: Combining like terms and using variables

    Tuesday: Translating word phrases

    Wednesday: Calculating Value and Review

    Thursday: Unit 6 test.

    Friday: Half Day


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