Instructions For Obtaining A Driving Eligibility Certificate

After receiving a Driving Education Certificate from the Driver's Education instructor, the student may obtain a Driving Eligibility Certificate. The presence of a parent/guardian is not required for the student to obtain the certificate.

Eligibility Certificates are issued  in Student Services.

Hours are 7:00 AM until 3:15 PM . 
 Hall Passes during class periods will be accepted nor will passes be given for students who are late.

NC Legislations and DMV requirements for an Eligibility Certificate

Enloe High School
Carolyn Hunter, Lead Teacher (Driver’s Ed Office (919) 856-7892)

Information for Enloe High School

  • School Address 128 Clarendon Crescent, Raleigh, NC 27610
  • School Code 920-412
  • Telephone Number (919) 856-7918, Fax (919) 856-7917

Students and Parents (VERY IMPORTANT)

  • After completing both the classroom and driving phases of driver education, students need to take their driver education certificate to Student Services, to obtain a Driver Eligibility Certificate. Parents are not required to accompany the student.
  • Take the following items with you to Student Services when going to validate your Eligibility Certificate. 
    1. Driver Education Certificate
    2. Copy of the previous semester’s report card (quarter grades are not acceptable)
  • Students must pass 5 of 7 courses at Enloe High School to obtain a validation seal on the Eligibility Certificate. If you fail two or more courses at Enloe High School or you decide to drop out of school before your 18th birthday, you will not get you Driver Eligibility Certificate validated and you will lose your driving privileges if you already have them.
  • Certificates are valid for 30 days only. Please submit certificates to DMV before the 30-day deadline.
  • Information should be turned in to Student Services before school, during lunch or after school. Please contact Student Services for additional information on Driver Eligibility Certificate.

Going to DMV

Please take the following items with you when going to get your Level I Limited Learner’s Permit.

  1. Driver Education Certificate (White Copy) All Signatures
  2. Driver Eligibility Certificate—Validated in Student Services with School Seal
  3. Original Birth Certificate
  4. Social Security Card or Computer generated Copy
  5. Parent/Legal Guardian
  6. $15.00 to Pay for Permit
  7. Proof of Residence

Driver eligibility certificates are validated by Student Services.