Athens Drive Magnet High School Student Services Department

  • ACCESS TO STUDENT SERVICES AND COUNSELOR APPOINTMENTS: Due to building closure, the Student Services Staff and School Counselors are working virtually. The best way to get in touch is through email. Questions related to record requests, transcripts, withdrawal, and enrollment should be directed to our Registrar, Ms. Sidney, at If a student/parents/guardian needs to speak to their Counselor, you may email your Counselor with questions from your school email or schedule a Google Meet via the Calendly links below:

    Student Last Name

    Begins With







    A – Di

    Ms. Telfair

    Do – La

    Ms. Boothe

    Le – Ri

    Mr. Wright

    Ro – Z

    Ms. Hegarty

    SAP Counselor

    Ms. Burnette


    Dean of Students

    Ms. Brown

     Our Counselors are available to support the academic, social-emotional, and college/career goals of all students. As such, there may be times when the Counselors need to connect with individual students or groups of students to provide resources or to address specific questions/concerns. All communication with students is in accordance with WCPSS policies and guidelines. ​What can I talk about with my counselor virtually?

    • Academics 
    • College and career planning 
    • “Well-being” checkup 
    • Due to lack of confidentiality in a virtual meeting, the Counselors cannot discuss sensitive and private personal issues. If these issues arise during a conversation with the counselor, steps will be taken to direct you to the appropriate resources.
    • If you are in a crisis, please inform your parents/guardians or a trusted adult. If necessary, call 911. 
    • Resources for support can be found on our Social-Emotional Support page. 

    GRADE-LEVEL INFORMATION: At Athens Drive Magnet High School, we strive to help all students reach their full potential. The Student Services Department has created Grade-Level Google Sites to share information that is pertinent for each Grade-Level. Please visit the Student Services website to view these Grade-Level sites.

    REQUEST FOR TRANSCRIPTS: All requests for transcripts to be sent to a College/University or Summer Enrichment Program must be requested electronically. For institutions in the State of North Carolina, a request must be submitted via CFNC (College Foundation of NC). For institutions outside of the State of North Carolina, a request must be submitted via WCPSS Scriborder  portal. Students that need an unofficial transcript mailed to their home must submit a request via the WCPSS Scriborder  portal.

    SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES AND FAFSA: Scholarships are one of your family’s most powerful tools in the journey to cover College/University costs without loans because they are funds students earn and never have to pay back! Please visit the Athens Drive Magnet High School Scholarship Page for Scholarships available to students. In addition, to qualify for Financial Aid, students need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Some colleges also require the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE. Please contact our Financial Aid Advisor, Tori Sharpe, at, to get assistance with completing the FAFSA.  For more information about the FAFSA visit FAFSA website.

    WELLNESS AT THE DRIVE: Please remember that Wellness @ The DRIVE is a new initiative created by the Athens Drive Magnet High School Student Services Department to support the holistic well-being of our students. This resource is available for parents and students to access activities, videos, programs, etc. to encourage positive self-care. Please visit the Wellness @ The DRIVE for more information and support. 

    SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS IN THE TIME OF SCHOOL CLOSURE DUE TO COVID-19: Dealing with uncertainty and the unknown has an impact on our well-being. Anxiety during this time is an understandable reaction, whether you have been dealing with anxiety all along or this is a new development in your life. We understand that not being able to connect to others makes this time more difficult. Please know that all our students and families are on our minds during this unprecedented time in our lives. Please visit the ADMHS Student Services Website for a list of resources to support students and families. Please use the resources listed if your student needs emotional support during their time at home. Please also remember that if you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 immediately.


    ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: Enrichment Programs for High School students offer many different opportunities. Students can benefit a great deal from high-quality summer programs.  Please visit the Athens Drive Magnet High School Enrichment Page for information about Enrichment Programs occurring in the area.