• Social Studies 

    The mission of the Social Studies Department is to support diverse learners as they expand their understanding of the Social Sciences disciplines and strengthen their creative, critical thinking skllls. The courses offered within the Social Studies Department directly support the Wake County Vision 2020 Goal to graduate students ready for productive citizenship. The understandings and skills developed here are uniquely central to the daily life of citizens in a democratic society and an increasingly interconnected world.

    In order to fulfill graduation requirements, students must complete World History (9th grade), American History I & II (10th & 11th grades), and Civics and Economics (12th grade). In addition to these required courses, the department offers a robust and engaging curriculum of electives and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. For more information, please consult the Social Studies Pathways flowchart at the link below.

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  • Social Studies Department Directory

    All email addresses are "@wcpss.net" unless otherwise noted.

    Name Department Position Email Website
    Aymes, Robert Social Studies Teacher raymes https://wcpss.instructure.com/courses
    Corsbie, David Social Studies Teacher dcorsbie https://app.schoology.com/home
    Furrie, Jason Social Studies Teacher jfurrie http://www.edmodo.com
    Green, David Social Studies Teacher cgreen5 https://sites.google.com/a/wcpss.net/coachgreen/
    Greenblatt, Joel Social Studies Teacher jgreenblatt https://wcpss.instructure.com/courses/246147
    Hartman, Matt Social Studies Teacher mhartman https://classroom.google.com/u/0/c/MTY0NTI2OTQ2Nlpa
    Hrehor, Kevin Social Studies Teacher khrehor http://canvas.wcpss.net
    Hutchison, Shanda Social Studies Department Chair jhutchison http://www.ghhsapush.com
    Mackey, Kim Social Studies Teacher kmackey http://wcpss.instructure.com/courses/246909
    McBrayer, Jenna Social Studies Teacher jmcbrayer https://wcpss.edmodo.com/home#/group?id=24595445
    McDavid, Sarah Social Studies Teacher smcdavid2 https://edmo.do/j/wnng9v
    Meadows, Leslie Social Studies Teacher lmeadows2 http://www.schoology.com
    Miragliuolo, Michael Social Studies Teacher mmiragliuolo https://www.schoology.com/
    Nesbitt, Jeff Social Studies Teacher wjnesbitt http://www.edmodo.com
    Pyland, Kim Social Studies Teacher kpyland http://wcpss.instructure.com/courses/244876
    Rees, John Social Studies Teacher jrees https://edmodo.com/jcrees2
    Rees, Roxanne Social Studies Teacher rrees https://edmodo.com
    Regan, John Social Studies Teacher jregan https://edmodo.com/public/civics-and-economics-/group_id/24811547
    Richardson, Colin Social Studies Teacher crichardson8 http://www.edmodo.com
    Staib, Kecia Social Studies Teacher kstaib http://www.schoology.com
    Thomas, Adam Social Studies Teacher athomas2 http://www.Historywithcoacht.weebly.com
    Yamauchi, Debbie Social Studies Teacher dyamauchi tinyurl.com/yamacivics tinyurl.com/yamagh