• Science

    At the secondary level, the science curriculum is designed to provide learning opportunities for all students to become scientifically literate. Students can achieve scientific literacy through an instructional program based on the science component of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (SCS). The intent of the science program is to merge unifying concepts of science, strands, content goals and objectives. 
  • Science Department Directory 

    All email addresses are "@wcpss.net" unless otherwise noted.

    Name Department Position Email Website
    Alabaugh, Meribeth Science Teacher malabaugh http://www.edmodo.com
    Allery Nail, Danielle Science Teacher dallerynail Google classroom
    Basham, Shannon Science Department Chair sbasham Google classroom
    Bradshaw, Katelyn Science Teacher kbradshaw2 https://sites.google.com/a/wcpss.net/bradshawchemistry/
    Burwell, Stephanie Science Teacher sburwell3 http://canvas.wcpss.net
    D'Agostin, John Science Teacher jdagostin
    Harris, Chad Science Teacher ceharris
    Hoffman, Audrey Science Teacher achoffman https://sites.google.com/a/wcpss.net/hoffman-chemistry/
    Magee, Barb Science Teacher bmagee http://magee-science.homestead.com/
    Parker, Christina Science Teacher cmparker
    Parker, Elizabeth Science Teacher eparker http://www.edmodo.com
    Powers, Elizabeth Science Teacher epowers http://ghhspowerschem.weebly.com/
    Reed, Nicole Science Teacher nreed https://sites.google.com/a/wcpss.net/ap-chemistry/ https://sites.google.com/a/wcpss.net/honors-chemistry/
    Rich, Aimee Science Teacher arich2
    Robinette, Tina Science Teacher trobinette http://canvas.wcpss.net
    Rush, Carl Science Teacher brush http://www.sciencerush.net
    Siebert, Jane Science Teacher jsiebert http://canvas.wcpss.net
    Thomasch, Julie-Anne Science Teacher jthomasch https://wcpss.edmodo.com/jthomasch
    Waugh, Jonathan Science Teacher jwaugh http://goo.gl/8nu8uZ
    Wentz, Eric Science Teacher eswentz http://www.edmodo.com
    Woodyard, Hayleigh Science Teacher hwoodyard https://api.edmodo.com/login