• SMART Lunch is a program at Athens Drive High School where we have structured the school day to offer additional help for students and opportunities for enrichment and stud-directed help.  Tutorial attendance are required for all students. The tutorial program is focused on capturing students when they need help as determined by teacher observations, formative assessment data, formal and informal assessments, and by student achievement.

    Students are required to Attend Tutorials using the following guidelines:

      • Students with an A, B or C are required to attend 2 tutorials per quarter
      • Students with a D or F are required to attend 3 tutorials per quarter
      • Students are assigned a QUIZ grade for attendance at Required Tutorials
    Teachers may assign students Tutorials at any time if he or she feels that the student needs additional help or remediation in a particular class OR if students are missing assignments or need to make up work.
    Activities during SMART Lunch

    Students have different opportunities during SMART Lunch.  However, the primary purpose of SMART lunch is academic support, so students need to plan accordingly to take advantage of the Academic supports during SMART Lunch

    • Intramurals in the upper and lower Gym
    • Library Resources
    • Tutorial
    • Open Lunch in the Courtyard or Gym Lobby
    • Student Services consultation


    Students should always be in an area where an Athens Drive Faculty member is on duty. If students are in the hallway during SMART Lunch (except during the transition period in the middle of lunch) must have a note signed by an ADHS Faculty Member. Students going to any activity during lunch should plan to remain in that activity for the entire portion of the lunch period (SMART A or SMART B) 
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