SAS Curriculum Pathways is a collection of interactive, standards-based lessons for staff and students.
    Staff should sign up for their account through this link (doing so ties you to DRMS).  There are two ways for students to use Curriculum Pathways. They can use the generic school account (contact Mr. Ziegler to find out the login details). Doing so is the quickest way to get students into the lesson, but it means they can't save their work and you can't view their work. The other option is to have them create their own account. Doing so requires a bit more time upfront, but pays off down the line if you use this resource frequently. If this is the route you'd like to go, complete the following steps:
    • Log in with your teacher username and password

    • Click the Account Settings tab under the Welcome image.

    • Click the Student Accounts button.

    • Agree to the “Educator Terms of Use.”

    • A special URL/link appears along with a ‘code.’

    • Share either the URL or the code with students. With the link/URL, students are directed to the Sign Up page and prompted to create their personal accounts (set up a user name and password). Althernatively, teachers can provide the code and direct students to enter it when prompted for the ‘sign-up code’ on the Sign Up page

    User Guide
    To learn how to navigate SAS Curriculum Pathways, consult their Integration website