• Front Office

    Lead Secretary
    Sue Caronna

    Front Desk
    Jenny Ramos

    Data Manager
    Carol Woodhouse

    Instructional Resource
    Brandon Mize
    The Instructional Resource Teacher supports learning and teaching by offering an array of support services to teachers. Based on the needs of the school, support services include professional development to teachers, coaching and modeling research based instructional practices, and collaborating with Professional Learning Teams to analyze student achievement data and guide instruction. The school's IRT maintains knowledge of the current curriculum and instructional issues in education. Salem's IRT provides communication between the Elementary Curriculum and Instruction Department and Salem Elementary.

    Terri Woods

    Social Worker
    Melissa Steadman

    Elizabeth Money

    JB Rudd

    Karen St. Clair, Speech Therapist
    The speech therapist serves children with articulation, language, fluency, and voice disorders. Children with these problems who are impacted in the classroom socially and/or academically are sent to the Student Support Team. If the team recommends an evaluation, then the therapist provides the testing and then meets with the parents. An educational plan may be written. Once therapy begins, it is important for the children to practice at home to improve progress. A speech folder is provided with activities to practice.

    Occupational Therapy (OT)
    Coming Soon
    Occupational therapy services are provided for students at Salem Elementary who have been identified as being able to benefit from special education and also as having functional needs that might reduce their opportunity for success in the educational setting. OT helps students adapt to the educational setting to maximize the benefit of special eductation.