Make sure you have returned all your textbooks and paid all your library fees, NO PASSES will be issued if you owe us something!
    If you are getting a parking pass, please bring in your REGISTRATION, PROOF OF INSURANCE AND DRIVERS LICENSE.  Parking passes are $170
    For a lunch pass, your parent needs to sign in front of our staff or you can come in with a notarized form.  Lunch passes are $20
    If you are a senior we will be collecting Sr. Dues at this time as well, they are $25
    Sr. Dues pay for rental of chairs and tables for the senior breakfast, the senior picnic, graduation flowers, rental of chairs for Senior Awards night and other miscellaneous things for seniors.  
    You may purchase your lunch pass and/or parking pass online with a credit card/debit card by following the link on Cary High’s website to the secure Online School Payment (OSP) site. Please keep in mind there is a nonrefundable 4% service charge for using this feature. Please bring the OSP receipt to school along with the completed applicable pass application(s). We will have blank lunch and park pass applications at school during the sale and throughout the year.  

    Click HERE to Download Lunch Pass Forms.
    Click HERE to Download Parking Pass Forms.
    Online Payments click here.