Electronic Devices

  • It is the expectation that Longview students follow the WCPSS Board Policy on Electronic Devices, found in 6410 Code Of Student Conduct, section C Rules of Conduct, 1-6 Electronic Devices.  The Longview Electronic Device Procedure is as follows:
    1. All students are required to turn their electronic device(s) in upon entering building at the beginning of each school day.  Electronic devices will be returned at the end of each day upon exiting the building.
    2. If an electronic device is not turned in and is viewed or heard by staff during the school day, the student is required to turn in the device.  A parent/guardian must retrieve the device from the school. 
    3. If a student refuses to turn in the electronic device, the parent/guardian will be contacted to participate in a conference between the student, parent/guardian, and administrator.  At the conclusion of the meeting, the parent/guardian will retrieve the device from the student.  If the conference is done by telephone, the student will turn in the device to the administrator.  It will be held until the parent/guardian comes to retrieve it. 
    4. If a parent/guardian is not available for a conference that day, the student will remain in BST for the remainder of the school day or until they turn in the device.