FVES is creating a Bring Your Own Device culture that will produce future graduates who are collaborative, creative, critical thinkers and effective communicators. 
    After attending training with district staff, our BYOD Admin and Teacher Teams have worked together with our staff to established rules and procedures which have been shared with our entire school community. Components of our BYOD program:
    • Teachers plan and implement rigorous and engaging BYOD activities that support the curriculum.
    • Students use kid-safe search engines, educational apps and Internet sites via links on our FVES Student Links page.
    • Teachers monitor students' usage of devices closely.
    • Students will have Internet Safety and anti-bullying lessons.
    • To ensure that all students will have equal access to technology, staff will provide school-owned devices (iPads, laptops, and desktops) to students without BYOD devices.
  • Dear Parents,

    We would like for you to:

    1. Read the letter below to learn more about the details of our B.Y.O.D. Pilot program.
    2. Read and discuss with your child the FVES Student/Parent Agreement (page 2 below).
    3. Have your child return the signed FVES Student/Parent agreement to his/her teacher.
    4. Complete the B.Y.O.D. survey if you have not already to let us know if you are willing to allow your child to bring a device to school.