• Professional Development Plan | School-wide Goal 2017-2018

    School- Wide PDP SMART GOAL

    As measured by unit plans, teachers will blend content standards and approaches to learning so that teachers can intentionally teach skills and develop opportunities for students to practices such skills.


    1. Professional Development/Early Release Days
    2. Department/PLT Meetings
    3. Instructional Rounds
    4. Creation/revision of unit plans

    Expected Outcomes/Evidence of Completion:

    1. Content standards blended with approaches to learning skill(s)
    2. Activities that intentionally teach the verbs of standards and skills
    3. Understanding and application of unit plan design
    4. ATL (approaches to learning) statements

    Resources Needed:

    1. GMHS Unit Planner (our version of Units by Design)
    2. Department/Profesional Learning Team (PLT) meeting time
    3. Professional Development/Early Release Days
    4. IB approaches to learning document
    5. Unpacking standards books and resources


    By June 2018