• What is the purpose of BYOD? 

    BYOD allows students to learn the way they live. BYOD is available to students to support learning, enhance instruction, and provide the best possible outcome for student learning. BYOD empowers each student to be a responsible citizen of the 21st century. BYOD supports our school mission. 

    What Devices Can Be Used in BYOD? 

    For purposes of BYOD, “device” means a privately-owned wireless and/or portable electronic hand-held equipment that includes, but is not limited to, smartphones, portable internet devices, handheld entertainment systems, smartwatch or portable information technology systems that can be used for word processing, wireless internet access, image/video capturing, sound recording, and information transmitting.


    How Do Students Sign Up for BYOD?

    Students and parents will sign the SRMHS BYOD Guidelines & Contract and return it to their 2nd period teacher or Student Services.  When signing onto the wifi network, by clicking the 'Connect' button, the student agrees to the BYOD Terms of Use

    Can the contract be accepted with addendums/additions?

    No. Student/Parent contracts are only accepted as written. Modifications are not permitted. 

    Who Decides When Students Use BYOD?

    BYOD will be used for instructional purposes only. Teachers will communicate to students when BYOD is appropriate. 


    How do I access the Internet? 

    For BYOD, schools have a separate network SSID (WAKE-BYOD). (It is faster!) Your teachers will tell you how to access the Internet, or you may ask in the Media Center. 

    What if I can't get my device to access the school's network?

    Ask your teacher or bring your device to the Media Center.

    What Tech Support is provided? 

    Students will be responsible for troubleshooting their own devices. SRMHS Faculty assume a "hands-off" device policy and will be unable to assist in troubleshooting. 

    When may I use my device?

    You may use your device before or after school, during lunch, and when your teacher asks you to use it in class. Your classroom teacher is the one who determines whether or not you will be needing your device during his/her class period.

    Do I need to pay for any special applications or programs for my device?

    WCPSS will be providing Google accounts with Google Apps for Education for all students. Most other tools will be web-based and should not cost anything.

    If I have stored some of my work on my student drive (H) at school, how do I access it from home?

    You cannot access work at home from your student drive (H - identified by your student number). However, if you store your work in your Google Drive, you will be able to access it from any computer anywhere.

    Will there be charging stations to recharge batteries?

    No. Devices that have been charged at home should have enough battery life to last during the school day. Not every class will be using devices every day.

    What if my device is damaged or stolen?

    Because BYOD is a privilege and not a requirement, you are responsible for your own device. Neither Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School nor WCPSS is responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen devices. Parents may want to insure your device, and if you are purchasing a new device, you may want to purchase the extended warranty. By allowing a student to bring a device to school, the parent assumes liability for any damages or theft. School administration will investigate the issue and follow student conduct policy if needed. Students take full responsibility for their devices. Personal technology should not be left on campus before- or after-school hours.

    Why can't I use my 3G/4G/5G network during school?

    While on school grounds, students should be on WAKE-BYOD WiFi. The wireless network provided by Southeast Raleigh Magnet High and WCPSS has security filters that make Internet access safer and centered on learning.

    What if I don't have a device to bring to school?

    Students without devices either will be provided a device to use while in class or will be paired with a group. No one will be penalized for not bringing a device! BYOD is not designed for a 1:1 ratio. Teachers are designing instruction that is collaborative in nature and school owned devices are being used to supplement if needed. Classroom instruction is designed for 1:3 computer to student ratio rather than 1:1. If technology is used to enhance and enrich a lesson the teacher will make sure devices are equitable throughout the lesson. Focus is on building instruction that uses technology as a tool rather than a delivery system for instruction. 

    Can Students Share Devices? 

    Students understand they are prohibited from using any student’s device other than their own. It is clearly written in the contract that students are responsible for their own device(s).

    What kind of software is required for word processing?

    There will be no required software.

    How can you ensure that students are not texting and are appropriately using their device? 

    Teachers will monitor student use of devices.  

    What Happens if Students Misuse Their Device? 

    BYOD is a privilege. There will be consequences if you are not following proper BYOD classroom procedures.

    If you have any further questions, please contact a School Administrator.