• BYOD Classroom Management

    Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School uses zone descriptors for device management in the classroom. These zones are listed below:
    Red - Usage Prohibited
    Yellow - Usage Permitted, Not Required
    Green - Usage Required
    BYOD sign

    BYOD Pedagogy:

    Delivery, Student Practice w/ Feedback, Assessment, Productivity 

    DSAP Model The WCPSS framework for BYOD implementation follows the DSAP model. This model identifies technology tools and resources that are good for Delivery, Student Practice, Assessment, and Productivity.

    Follow the links below to access a list of resources for each component.
    Delivery: A starting point for teachers for the use and delivery of material
    Student Practice with feedback: A starting point for students to use for collaboration and creation
    Assessment: A starting point for teachers to use for the assessment of student learning
    Productivity: A starting point for teachers and students regarding personal productivity 

    Good Digital Citizenship


    Parent Resources:

    When purchasing a new device for your student, always think about the following:

    1. How and why the student will use the device. Is the device only for school use? Which device is best for the types of work my student will be completing in class?
    2. What is the safest and common sense device? Is one device more practical for common sense reasons? Are there features on one device that would not be safe for them to have constant access to, in or out of class?
    3. Is purchasing this device economical for our family? Is this the best deal? What message does purchasing this device send to my student about my commitment to their learning? Is this device something we can commit to upgrading as needed?


    Download the Family Media Agreement