Please note that our College Scholarship bulletin is updated at least once a monty. New scholarship opportunities are not always added to the top of the list. Please scroll through the entire list to check for new updates.

    Seniors, as you receive academic and athletic scholarships, please bring a copy of the notification letter to Ms. Minori in Student Services by May 1, 2018. Scholarships are announced at the May Awards Ceremony and included in the total dollars offered the Class of 2018. In addition, the total scholarship dollars offered the Class of 2018 will be announced at graduation in June. You do not have to attend the college that offers you the scholarship in order for your scholarship to be included in the class total.



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  • 2018 SECU "People Helping People" Scholarship

    Please see application below for 2018 SECU scholarship. It must be filled out electronically and turned into Student Services by February 21 for consideration. Visit the Scholarship Bulliten above for more information.

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    For a complete listing of scholarships for students in Wake County, click on the following website:

    The Online Scholarship Guide is a quick way to learn about hundreds of scholarships available to Wake County Public School System students. This website will allow you to sort the scholarship by:

    • SOURCE – (an alphabetical listing of the scholarship provider)

    • DISCIPLINE – (an alphabetical listing by the discipline or nature of the scholarship (i.e. General, Athletic, Music, Science, etc.)

    • DEADLINE –(a listing of scholarship submission deadlines. Please note that scholarship providers may change deadlines or only make applications available a few weeks before the deadline.  Therefore, if you find a scholarship in which you are interested, see your school counselor right away.

    • CUSTOMIZED SORT – (a way for you to custom-select scholarships available to you at your school during a particular month)