• KHSCD School Counseling Mission:

    The mission of Knightdale High School of Collaborative Design student services department, in collaboration with stakeholders, is to nurture our students’ abilities to problem solve, communicate, and build healthy relationships. The school counseling program is dedicated to meeting the social/emotional, academic, and career needs of every student by helping them to identify and embrace their strengths and overcome barriers. We, as school counselors, are leaders and advocates who promote and provide equity and access to opportunities and resources empowering all students to be successful.


    KHSCD School Counseling Vision:

    All students of Knightdale High School of Collaborative Design are collaborative leaders, problem solvers, and productive citizens. Our students have graduated career and college ready. Students are equipped with the tools necessary to be successful contributors to a diverse and ever-changing society.


    KHSCD School Counseling Program Beliefs:

    The professional school counselors at Knightdale High School of Collaborative Design believe:
    --All students have value and worth.
    --All students can learn and will be supported.
    --All students have the right to a safe, healthy, and orderly school environment.
    --All students have unique attributes, talents, and interests that must be recognized and fostered.
    --Advocacy, parent/guardian involvement, and community engagement are integral in student achievement.
    --All students will graduate career and college ready.

    The school counseling program will:
    --be a critical component of our school and is integral to the academic, social/emotional, and career/college development of each student.
    --be collaborative in nature using data to drive decision-making and program planning.
    --create program goals that support the county and school directed initiatives.
    --actively track student progress and design programs by analyzing data to intentionally meet the needs of our students.
    --develop students' healthy interpersonal skills by teaching and modeling decision-making, problem-solving and conflict resolution.
    --deliver preventative and responsive services to students and families in need.

    All counselors at Knightdale High School of Collaborative Design will:
    --Adhere to Ethical Standards for School Counselors as outlined by ASCA.
    --Engage in professional development and lifelong learning.
    --Actively engage all stakeholders in the school counseling program.
    --Be full-time licensed professional school counselors.
    --Deliver a comprehensive school counseling program as outlined in the NC Guidance Essential Standards.
    --Provide a safe, supportive, and growth-promoting environment for all students.
    --Advocate and serve as change agents in the school and community on behalf of student safety, student achievement, and student life skills.

  • How do I make an appointment with a Student Services staff member?

    Come by Student Services before school, during lunch, or after school to schedule an appointment. You will be given an appointment slip with your appointment time and date.   You can also email your counselor using your Wake County email address if you have a question that does not require a face to face meeting.  Your counselor will see you as soon as possible. If you have an urgent need to talk to your counselor, let a front office staff member know immediately.