• The health component of healthful living is to ensure all students are given the opportunity and proper information to make conscious decisions about their health.  
  • Classrooms (Where will I meet the teacher for health?)

       1st period (7th/8th grade) meet in room 2013 (Woodard- HS English)
       2nd period (7th/8th grade) meet in room 1009 (T. Williams- 7th/8th grade Math)
       4th period (6th grade A/B day)   meet in room 1003 (Mata- Spanish)

    Health Supplies 

    Students are expected to come arrive to class with requested homework (completed), paper, and a pen/pencil.  I am a roving teacher, so I will not always have extra resources in my bag or secure resources in a classroom.  Please help your student build good organization and preparedness skills by ask them twice a week if they have general school materials.   

    Curriculum Questions???

    If you need further clarity on curriculum coming up or would like to view curriculum, please contact me to setup a meeting or phone conference at JPETTIFORD@WCPSS.NET. 
  • Health Education Curriculum

  • RHS- Reproductive Health and Safety (7th and 8th grade only)

  • SOS-Signs of Suicide