•                                                                                       Welcome to Fourth Grade!!!!

    Underwood GT Magnet Elementary School 

    Greetings Students and Parents!

    We are so excited to welcome you and your child to fourth grade!  We are looking forward to a successful, fun, and stimulating school year.  Are you?

    Listed below are the supplies your child will need for our grade level this yearPlease, contact us if you need any assistance or have any questions about our supply list.  

    Fourth Grade

    ♦      5-Subject Notebook

    ♦      1/2 inch 3 ring flexible binders

    ♦      6  Folders with Pockets 

    ♦     5  Marbled composition notebooks

    ♦      1-2 Packs Notebook paper (wide ruled)

    ♦      Wedge cap erasers

    ♦      #2 Pencils

    ♦      Crayons

    ♦      Markers

    ♦      Yellow highlighters

    ♦      Skinny Dry Erase markers

    Fourth Grade “Wish List”

    Glue Sticks

    Yellow highlighters

    Colored Pens


    Paper towels

    Facial Tissues

    Quart and Gallon sized resealable bags

    Cap erasers

    Extra colored folders

    Index Cards (various sizes)


    Helpful Supplies to have at Home:


    Notebook  paper            

    Index cards                   






    Post it notes

    Glue Sticks 

    HP 96 & 97 ink cartridges

    Extra composition notebooks or 5-Subject Notebooks

    Colored card stock (thick copy paper – multi-colors)

    Colored copy paper

    White copy paper

    Post-it Notes (lined or colored)/ Post-it page markers

    Clorox/Lysol Wipes

    Hand sanitizer gel

    We look forward to meeting you in August for Meet the Teacher!!!

    See you soon! 

    Mrs. Goldberg sgoldberg2@wcpss.net,

    Ms. Jennessee ajennessee@wcpss.net

    Mr. Miller pmiller3@wcpss.net

    919-856-7663 Office Phone

      Check out our website for schedules and other important bits of information!

    * We will send home an informational packet about classroom expectations and procedures on The First Day of school.  This packet will also include student information sheets (for your family to complete) and volunteer information/sign-up sheet.