• Club Scientific - After School Science Club
    Elementary Engineers

    There’s nothing truly elementary about the engineering skills that these future builders will acquire– not to mention honing their problem solving skills. It all begins with using K’NEX to create our simple machines. Future engineers will learn to problem solve as they build a variety of amazing simple mechanisms as well as be encouraged to build their own discoveries. The possibilities are endless! Call it physics! Call it STEM! The kids will call it AWESOME!

    Brick ‘Botics

    We’re taking sample challenges of our WeDo robotics summer camp on the road! Your young robot lover will be impressed by the creative LEGO structures we will build and then amazed at the programs that make them come ALIVE! Your young engineer will NOT want to miss out! 

    CSI Mystery Master

    Do mysteries intrigue you? Are you a CSI Agent in the making? If so, you’ll want to join us to learn a few tricks of the trade, learn some spooky science and have a ton of FUN finding  the guilty party!

    Construction Chaos

    Think you're a problem solver?  Believe you have engineering qualities such as designing, building and testing?  Well Club Scientific is coming to test your abilities in all three areas with Construction Chaos!  Each week you'll design and build various structures, and then test each structure for success or failure!  Whether they work (or not) you'll have an incredible building experience. Science was NEVER this much FUN!