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  • March Scholarship Bulletin and Applications

    Posted by Katie di Carlo on 3/10/2017

    Attention Seniors:  Please check out the March Scholarship Bulletin .  There are MANY local scholarship oppotunities.  Also make sure to check out the SECU People Helping People Scholarship ($5,000) and the WYWLA PTSA Scholarship ($500) - Both scholarships will be awarded to WYWLA seniors.  WYWLA is also able to nominate one student for consideration for the Robert Styres Scholarship ($16,000).  Complete details on all of these scholarships AND more are in the bulletin.

    Listed below are scholarship applications referenced in the bulletin:

    Robert N Styres Scholarship:  This is a renewable scholarship (up to $4000 per year for 4 years) sponsored by the Rotary Club of the Capital City.  While academic achievement is important it is not necessarily intended for a student with the highest GPA.  Consideration is given to students with average to good grades who are hard workers and who may also have overcome adversity along the way.  WYWLA is able to nominate one student for this scholarship.  If you wish to be considered please complete this form and return it with a letter of recommendation, and a letter or statement detailing your desire and need for the scholarship to Mrs. di Carlo by 2:30 pm on Friday, April 7th.  Late applications will not be accepted.

    State Employees Credit Union “People Helping People” Scholarship:  SECU gives WYWLA the opportunity to present one graduating senior with a $5,000 scholarship.  Applicants must have a minimum 2.5 unweighted GPA.  Applicants must plan to attend one of the 16 UNC system schools.  Complete details and the application can be found on this form .

    Western Wake Alumnae Scholarship:  This is a scholarship opportunity for students who live in Apex, Cary, Fuquay-Varina, Garner, Holly Springs and Morrisville.  Applicants must submit verification of 50 community service hours from this school year and a total of 100 community service hours over the course of their high school career.  View more details about the scholarship through this link and access the application through this link .

    WYWLA PTSA Scholarship:  This is a $500 scholarship opportunity for a WYWLA senior.  Applications are due April 25th and can be accessed through this link .


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  • Scholarship Offers and College Acceptances - Please Report!

    Posted by Katie di Carlo on 1/31/2017

    Attention Seniors:  As you receive scholarship offers, please report all of your scholarships through this link .  Please report all scholarship offers, regardless of whether you will accept the scholarship.  We want to recognize all of your accomplishments!

    Please report college acceptances through this link .  You will also be asked to report which college you will attend.  Please do not complete this form until you know which college you will attend.

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  • January Scholarship Bulletin

    Posted by Katie di Carlo on 1/24/2017

    You can view the January Scholarship Bulletin through this link.  

    Also, make sure to check out the Raleigh Woman's Club Scholarship Opportunity - All application documents are due to Mrs. di Carlo by February 14th.  You can read about the scholarship here and you can access application materials through this link .

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  • Senior Transcript Requests

    Posted by Katie di Carlo on 9/25/2016

    Seniors:  If you are applying early decision or early action to a college and have not requested your transcripts, please submit your transcript requests this week, particularly if you are using Common Application.  This will allow Mrs. di Carlo to process your requests before she is out on maternity leave.  Even if you are not finished with your Common Application, you can enter in Mrs. di Carlo's name and email address in the school counselor section and submit this so that she can process your request.  

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  • Financial Aid Night Presentation

    Posted by Katie di Carlo on 9/16/2016

    Seniors and Parents, if you missed last night's Financial Aid presentation, you can view it through this link .

    You can access the FAFSA for the 2017-18 school year beginning on October 1st at .

    On October 29, CFNC will host a FAFSA Help Day across the state.  You can view FAFSA Day Help Locations at .


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  • Senior Fifth Year Decisions

    Posted by Katie di Carlo on 9/12/2016

    At this time, we ask that you and your daughter make a commitment as to whether she will stay for a fifth year.  The deadline for making this decision is September 16th.  We ask for this early commitment because your decision will affect graduation participation and when students will complete and submit their college applications.  

    We look forward to helping you make this informed decision.  Information has been shared at our senior parent night and through individual senior conferences with students.  Please complete this form, and return it to Mrs. Solomon, Mrs. Fowler or Mrs. di Carlo by Friday, September 16th.

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  • September Scholarship Bulletin

    Posted by Katie di Carlo on 9/8/2016

    Click here to access the September Scholarship Bulletin!

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  • Morehead-Cain and Park Scholarship Preliminary Applications

    Posted by Katie di Carlo on 8/31/2016

    WYWLA can nominate two seniors for consideration for the UNC Chapel Hill Morehead-Cain Scholarship and two seniors for consideration for the NC State Park Scholarship.  These are two of the most prestigious scholarship opportunities in the country.  

    To be considered for nomination for either (or both!) of these scholarships, you will complete a preliminary application and interview with the WYWLA Scholarship Committee.  Based on applications, transcripts, extracurricular activities, testing scores and interviews, we will select our school nominees.  If you are not selected as a school nominee, you will can still self-nominate and complete an application for the scholarship.

    You can read more about the UNC Chapel Hill Morehead-Cain Scholarship at http:// .  The Morehead-Cain looks for students who exhibit extraordinary strength in academics, character, leadership and physical vigor (demonstrated commitment to an active lifestyle, involvement in a sport or physical activity).  To get an idea of the qualitiy and caliber of Morehead-Cain Scholars, you can read biographies of the Class of 2020 at http:// .

    You can read more about the NC State Park Scholarship at http:// .  This scholarship is awarded on the basis of outstanding academics, service, leadership and character.  To get an idea of the quality and caliber of Park Scholars, you can read biographies of the Class of 2020 at http:// .

    Click here to access the preliminary Morehead-Cain scholarship application, and click here to access the preliminary Park scholarship application.  Completed applications are due to Mrs. di Carlo or Mrs. Solomon by 2:00 pm on Monday, September 12th.  If you are selected for an interview with the scholarship committee, we will let you know by Wednesday, September 14th.  We will conduct interviews from 12:00 - 1:00 on Thursday, September 15th.

    Please let Mrs. di Carlo know if you have any questions!

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  • Senior Parent Night

    Posted by Katie di Carlo on 8/26/2016

    If you missed our Senior Parent Night, you can access the presentation and handouts in the links below:

    Senior Parent Night Presentation

    Transcript Request Instructions for WYWLA and SAU

    Letters of Recommendation Tips

    2016-17 SAT and ACT Dates

    Senior Portraits:  If your senior has not made an appointment for her portrait, please text WAKELA to 99000 for more information on how to schedule her senior picture.

    2016 WCPSS College Fair:  On Sunday, September 18th, CACRAO will host a college fair at the McKimmon Center on NC State's campus from 2:30 - 4:00 pm.  Over 100 colleges will be represented, and this is a great opportunity to ask last minute application questions of admissions officers.  You are encouraged to pre-register for the fair at

    Scholarship Opportunity:  Check out this $2500 scholarship opportunity that is directed at young women with an unweighted GPA of at least a 3.0!  You can access the application through this link .

    WYWLA Counseling Site:  Check out our updated WYWLA Counseling website at for more grade level resources, past scholarship bulletins, SAT/ACT prep opportunities and a copy of our school profile.

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  • Collegewise 2016-17 Common Application Guide

    Posted by Katie di Carlo on 8/16/2016

    Seniors and parents, make sure to check out Collegewise's comprehensive and informative guide to completing the Common Application by clicking here .  Collegewise editors do a great job in simplifying the process of completing the Common Application, from setting up your profile to completing your essays!

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