Notebook Table of Contents
    40R  Pre-Write and Rough Draft for How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson Paragraph
    40L Cherokee Trail of Tears Notes 
    39R How Democratic reading/backside Documents 1-5 
    39L How Democratic was Andrew Jackson/backside documents LMNO
    38LR The War of 1812 / Mr. Madison's War / the Second War for Independence 
    L&R 37 Thomas Jefferson's Legacy 
    R36 Louisiana Purchase / Lewis and Clark 
    L36 Presidents Adams and Jefferson Questions - see presentation for info and questions
    R35 Unit 5 Overview (Essential Questions, Vocabulary Terms, etc)
    L35 A sentence and drawing for each of the 10 vocabulary terms
    R34 Hamilton-Jefferson Rap Battle Pre-Write 
    L34 Federalist/Democratic Republican Statements 
    R33 - none-
    L33 Notes on Federalists and Democratic-Republicans 
    R32 Illustrations and Scenarios for the Bill of Rights 
    L32 Test Review (matching term with Bill of Rights Amendment #)
    R31 Study Guide
    * backside of L30 - R30 Bill of Rights Scenarios 
    L30 Bill of Rights and Questions 
    R29  Anatomy of the Constitution - QUESTIONS 
    L29 The Preamble / Articles of the Constitution / Checks and Balances
    R28 Anatomy of the Constitution - the Articles
    L28 Electoral College www.270towin.com
    R27 The Constitutional Convention 
    R26 Wanted: A Just Right Government  
    L26 The Articles of Confederation PowerPoint Notes 
    R25 Unit 4 Vocabulary Terms
    R24 Valley Forge Rubric
    L24 Valley Forge Document Analysis Sheet
    R23 Battles of the American Revolution (no L23)
    LR22 The Declaration of Independence
    R21 Unit 3 The American Revolution Essential Questions and Study Guide
    Last item to be checked was L20 Debate Notes 
    To answer this question you and your teammates need to examine the following questions:
    1. Is there a moral difference between passive and active euthanasia? 
    2. Religious Concerns: What are the positions of the Catholic/Christian churches? Islam? Judaism?
    3. Is there a legal right to die?
    4. Are the economic pressures in the American health system too great to safely legalize euthanasia?
    5. Would legalizing voluntary euthanasia create a "slippery slope" to involuntary euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide?
    Read beyond these to gain a fuller  understanding of various issues and perspectives.