• College Planning and Career Resources

    College Foundation of North Carolina

    Access career interest inventories and other career planning tools
    Plan for college by exploring programs and majors
    Apply to any in-state college/university
    Send your transcripts to any in-state school college/university
    Access financial planning tools (FAFSA, grant/scholarship searches, 529 plans, etc) http://www.cfnc.org/index.jsp

    Common Application

    The Common Application web site is http://www.commonapp.org/  Please make sure you keep your log on information.  

    College Board/SAT

    Register for the SAT and send SAT scores to colleges. 


    Register for the ACT and send ACT scores to colleges. 

    College Application Checklist

    Use the attached checklist (click link below) to keep your student organized when completing college applications.

    College Application Checklist

    The TalentED Project

    This FREE website is geared for high-potential, low income, first-generation students. It is designed to help match these students with schools that will increase their likelihood of graduation and future success.  http://www.thetalentedproject.org/

    Searching for Scholarships

    In addition to the scholarships listed under the Scholarship Opportunities on the toolbar, here are additional, helpful resources.

    College Foundation of North Carolina   
    These are North Carolina scholarships as well as national scholarships and grants. 
    • Go to http://www.cfnc.org/index.jsp
    • Go to PAY 
    • Click on Grants and Scholarships on the top toolbar
    • Click on "Need-based Grants and Scholarships" or "Merit-based and Other Scholarships" to begin your search. 
    Scholarship Plus
    These are scholarships listed by Wake County Public Schools.  There are local as well as national scholarships.
    Fast Web 
    These are national scholarships and will provide matches for you.  You must create a username and password - be sure to write these down.   
    North Carolina Community Foundation
    Scholarship opportunities through the NCCF are rich and diverse. We do not have a general scholarship fund; rather, all scholarship awards are made through specific funds with criteria established by the original donors. NCCF is privileged to award hundreds of scholarships each year, thanks to many generous donors across our state. To find scholarships available to you based on where you live go to http://www.nccommunityfoundation.org/scholarships.  Please ensure that you understand how to apply by reading the information provided here http://www.nccommunityfoundation.org/scholarships/how-to-apply
    Google North Carolina Scholarships and see what comes up! Unlimited searches and scholarships for students in NC.

    College Scholarships for Asian/Pacific Islanders

    Paying for a college degree can be challenging but there are tons of scholarship opportunities available to help students cover the cost. Finding them, however, isn’t always easy, especially if you’re a first generation Asian or Pacific Islander student who isn’t familiar with the financial aid system. This guide features 25 scholarships specifically for API students, and offers tips on how to improve your chances of receiving a grant.  For more information please visit www.affordablecollegesonline.org/college-resource-center/scholarships-for-asian-and-pacific-islander-students/