Visual Arts Supply List

    To prepare, you will need to gather the items below for Visual Arts class.  Many of the supply items listed here are the same as your core class supplies. There is no need to make duplicate purchases; however, these materials need to be brought to class each day in your art supply box.  With proper care, many of the materials you purchase will last for years!

    Should you choose to do so, your art notebook and personal supply box may be stored in designated areas in the art studio.

    Please Note:

    If a specific brand is listed, please purchase the specified brand.  

    When dealing with color, art brands are not interchangeable.

    Student Supply Items:

    • 1-inch, 3-ring binder (notebook) with front and back cover pockets

    (cover pockets are standard in most 1-inch economy binders)


    GREAT NEWS!  Thanks to the generosity of corporate partners, we are able to provide all Art students with an Art notebook/ binder for semester use.  This notebook will be returned at the end of the course so that we can pass it on to the next student.

    This is your Art notebook and it must be a dedicated, single subject binder- ART.

    Why 1-inch?  It fits in the Art studio flat file!


    **If possible, please consider purchasing 2 sets of 5-Step divider tabs (CLEAR LABEL AREA).  I'll share how to label and color code the divider tabs and help you get a handle on organizing your notebook.  (I can even show you how to make divider tabs from simple materials we have in class!)**

    • Traditional wooden #2 pencils (package)- Though this brand is not required, I recommend U.S.A. Gold #2 as a reliable pencil choice.  They cost a bit more upfront; however, they are a great value because they sharpen easily and all the way to the eraser!  

    • Handheld pencil sharpener with shavings receptacle (You may want to purchase at least two.  Different brands dull at different rates, and if you tend to misplace your sharpeners you will want a backup.)

    • Loose Leaf Notebook paper (in Art notebook)

    • 1-2  Elmer’s  X-treme school glue stick (If you are unable to find the X-treme glue, Elmer's White All-Purpose glue stick works well.

    (Please make sure the glue type is X-treme or some strong craft type glue stick.  The typical purple, pink, or blue school glue sticks don’t provide the strength/ staying power needed.)

    • 1 pair student scissors (pointed tip works well- blade length less than 8-inches please)

    •  Crayola brand colored pencils (12 pack)  You might want to consider a second set for home use.

    • Earbuds

    • Several Black Sharpie markers (fine and extra fine tip) 

    • Pink Drawing Eraser (or no crumbs white eraser)

    • Inexpensive Paper Plates (you will use these for color theory work- painting with tempera and/ or acrylic paints)- Wait to purchase as we might have some through class donations.WISH LIST    UPDATE:  Thanks to your generosity, we have enough paper plates for the semester!


          WISH LIST

    Crayola Colored Pencil- 12 pack                              

          Pink or white no crumb drawing erasers                     
          Handheld Pencil Sharpeners with shavings receptacle
          Handi Wipe multi-use reusable Cloths
          Chenille Stems (“Pipecleaners” any color)
          Yarn (all colors)
          Linen or Crochet Thread Size 10 (White)
          Hot Glue sticks (mini/ multi-temp)
          Inexpensive Paper Plates (We used these for our painting palettes with tempera and acrylic paints.  We use a lot of these!)
    Why having your art notebook and a traditional pencil for class each day are important:
    Having your Art notebook and a traditional pencil for class each day impacts the ability to be organized, stay on task, and experience success in the Art classroom. Ultimately, not being able to reference information covered in class and/ or not having the proper materials each day does impact graded work.

    Students are required to have a 1-inch 3-Ring Binder just for this class- their ART notebook.  This notebook is our personal "textbook" and contains notes, handouts, visual works, etc. and is used as a quick reference for the class.  

    Students are required to maintain this notebook.  It may be stored in the flat file area designated for their class.

    A traditional pencil is used in class because of its versatility.  A traditional pencil allows you to create both consistent lines and create values (tones/ shading).  A mechanical pencil does not.

    Students are required to bring a traditional pencil, agenda, Art notebook, and other necessary art materials to class each day.