Shared District Apps

  •  For the Homepage:

    • Wake Alerts [Announcements] - in Region B
    • Wake County News [Headlines & Features app] - in Region I
    • Staff Links [Site Shortcuts]
    Magnet Schools (only)
    • Magnet Theme
    • Magnet Events

    Our School

    Calendars and Schedules
    • Instructional Calendar (Right sidebar simple)
      • All instructional calendars and test calendars are built with the Announcement app, see names below
        • Comprehensive Calendar
        • Early College (Leadership Academies) Calendar
        • Early College (Vernon Malone and Wake Early College) Calendar
        • Early Release Days Calendar
        • Interim/Report Card Dates 
        • Modified Calendar
        • Track-Out Cards
        • Traditional Calendar
        • Year-Round Calendar
        • Wake STEM Early College High School Testing Calendar
        • Wake Early College High School Testing Calendar
        • Leadership Academies Testing Calendar
        • Modified Calendar Schools - Testing
        • Year-Round Calendar - Testing
        • Traditional Calendar - Testing
    An example:
    Traditional Calendar

    • How to Enroll (Right sidebar Simple page layout)
      • About Enrollment [Flex Editor app]
      • International Families [Flex Editor app]
      • Applying to a Magnet School [Call to Action app]
    • Find Your Base School (Right sidebar Simple page layout)
      • Find Your Base School Content [Flex Editor App]
      • Find Your Base School Button [Call to Action app]
    Find your Base School
    • Careers (Two column Right sidebar page layout)
      • Careers content (Flex Editor app)
      • Apply Now (Call to Action app)


    • Driver’s Education (Right sidebar Simple page layout)
      • Driver's Education Content (Flex Editor app)
      • Sign up for Driver’s Ed (Call to Action)
    Drivers Ed
    • Digital Resources
      • Digital Resource Heading (Heading App)
      • About Digital Resources (Flex Editor App)
      • Digital Resources ( Headlines & Features App)
    Digital Resources
    • Once added (make sure your selected “I’m Done,” go into the Digital Resources app (Headlines & Features app) 
    • A message will appear that reads “This app is shared. Its content can only be edited in its original location, but you can add tag filtering.” Select OK
    • In the dropdown, 
      • Select All Levels > select Add
      • Select your school level (Elementary, Middle, High) > select Add
      • Then Save


    • Transportation
      • Live Bus Updates 
    • School Meals
      • Menus (Right sidebar Simple page layout)
      • All menus use the Announcement app. The name of each of the Lunch Menus are the following: Elementary School Lunch Menus, Middle School Lunch Menus, High School Lunch Menus 
    • Purchase Meals (Right sidebar Simple page layout)
      • Meal Prices (Flex Editor App)
      • Purchase Meals Online (Flex Editor App)
     Meal prices
    • Free/Reduced Meals (Right sidebar Simple page layout)
      • Free/Reduced Meals (Flex Editor App)
     Free/Reduced Meals


    (Below are all the shared apps available for both MS and HS)

    • Athletic Health and Safety (One Column page layout)
      • Health and Safety (Flex Editor App)
    Health and Safety  
    • Middle School Eligibility
      • Middle School Athletic Eligibility (Flex Editor App)
     MS Athletic Eligibility
    • Middle School Conference
      • Middle School Athletic Conferences (Embed Code App)
    MS Athletic Conferences
    • High School Eligibility
      • High School Eligibility (Flex Editor App)
     High School Eligibility
    • High School Conference
      • High School Athletic Conferences (Embed Code App)
    High School Athletic Conferences
    • HS Athletic Insurance for HS Parents
      • Athletic HS Insurance Letter (Content App)

    Athletic HS Insurance

    • Participation Forms
      • High School Athletic Participation Forms (File Library App)
      • Middle School Athletic Participation Forms (File Library App)
     MS Participation
    HS Participation  

    Elementary Schools Only

    Below are additional shared apps from the district that has to be on your school’s website.

    Under the Academics and Program Channel, the following apps need to be place in either one section or placing the apps on the respective grade level pages

    Curriculum Parent Resources

    Option 1# - Curriculum Parent Resources page (Two column page layout)
    • With all grade resources together on one page
    Parent Resources Option 1
    Option #2 -
    • Place the Elementary Resource Intro - Flex Editor App
    • Grade Level Resource - Site Shortcuts App
    • As separate pages for each grade
     Parent Resources Option 2
    Under the Parent Channel, the following sections
    • Read to Achieve (Right sidebar Simple page layout)
      • Read to Achieve (Flex Editor app)
      • Read to Achieve Parent Resources (Site Shortcuts app)
     Read to Achieve
    • Understanding Your Child’s Report Card (One column page layout)
      • Report Cards Video (Embed Code app)
      • Report Cards Content (Flex Editor app)
    Report Cards
     Optional shared apps are the following:
    • Volunteer (Right sidebar Simple page layout)
      • Volunteer Content (Content app)
      • Volunteer (Call to Action app)
    • Single Subject Acceleration
     Single Subject Acceleration
    • Student-Parent Handbook (Right sidebar Simple page layout)
      • Student-Parent Handbook Content (Content app)
      • Download Handbook (Call to Action app)
     Student Parent Handbook