School Template Documentation

  • To add additional apps to your homepage:
    • Click Homepage, Manage Apps and Layout, Add App.
    • Turn on the app headers by clicking Options for that app and checking the box that says "Show the app name on my page" (This is important since app content is only accessible on smaller devices if the app header has been turned on).
    • Apps can be moved into different regions by clicking and dragging.
    • App names can be changed by double clicking on the app name or by clicking on Options.
    • Refer to the app region map if you aren’t sure in which region to add Apps.

    To add/edit the rotating images:
    • After you have applied the new template and added the Multimedia Rotator app to Region C you can begin uploading photos.
    • The photo size dimensions on the district site are 1565 x 700 pixels.
    • The photo size dimensions on the school sites are 870 x 470 pixels.
    • Click on the Multimedia Rotator app in Region C.
    • Click New Record and upload your correctly sized image(s).
    • If there is only one image in the app then the image will stay static, but if more images are added it will rotate.
    • Click Edit next to the photo to add a photo title and/or caption.
    • Check the box that says Hide if you do not want to use the photo title/caption boxes on a particular photo.
    • If you would like to link the photo just check the Link Image box and insert your URL.
    • You can also upload videos into this app by checking the box that says Embed a Video and entering the appropriate information.
    • If you have trouble sizing or cropping images, we recommend the site
      • On the Pixlr website, choose the Express program option.
      • Click Browse and open your image.
      • Click Adjustments, and then Resize.
      • In the little box at the bottom put in your width (do not enter a height).
      • Make sure the toggle for Keep Proportions is turned on (blue).
      • Hit Apply.
      • Click Crop and put in your image dimensions.
      • Drag the box to the position on the photo that you think looks best.
      • Hit Apply and then click Save.
      • Now your image should be sized correctly and ready to upload into your photo gallery app.
    How to utilize the Alert and Notification banners:
    • Region A on your homepage is for Notifications, and Region B is for Alerts.
    • These regions are designed to work with an Announcements app.
    • To use one of the banners you just need to have an “active” announcement.
    • So you can create multiple announcements and save them within the app and just make one active when you want to use it.
    • Announcements apps can be shared from the district site and pushed out to all subsites, if desired. 

    How to utilize the Yay Us area:
    • Region K is for the Yay Us feature.
    • This area is designed to utilize a Headlines & Features app.
    • All of the photos should be sized to 231 x 231 except for one of them. The one larger photo needs to be 481 x 481 and needs to be number 3 in the headline order.
    • The headline text will show on rollover, and our support team can assist with implementing TwitterFeed so that the content that you upload into the Yay Us area can push out to social media sites.

    Click here to download the School Template information above.