• Supply List

     4— three-ring binders ( 2 inch, any color)   

            (Each needs plastic cover on the outside)

    Loose-leaf notebook paper in EACH binder

    Dividers, colored with tabs for EACH binder

    Page Protectors-one package ( 100 )

    Zippered pencil pouch for #2 pencils, blue or black pens, 2 red checking pens/pencils, highlighter (quad pens are an option)

    Flash drive (8gb)

     1 pack of colored pencils & hand held pencil sharpener with cover

     Graph paper (1/4" standard grid)  (3rd Quarter)

     Glue sticks

     Pack of Dry Erase Markers

     Ear buds for use with electronic devise

     Suggested: Electronic device-This will be used in class and monitored

    Donations of the above supplies would be greatly appreciated.

    2 boxes of tissue, 1 container of cleansing wipes & 1 Roll of Paper Towels (give to homeroom teacher)

                    Quarter 1: Molloy HR                                      Quarter 2: Price  HR                         Quarter 3: Thomas HR                    Quarter 4: Holland HR

    Suggested: paper reinforcements, individual (small) stapler, 3-hole punch (fits in binder)             

    DRMS Items Provided– Agenda

     DRMS Agenda/Daily Assignment Book

     DRMS Handbook/ WCPSS Handbook

     Homeroom lock (must be used on locker) replacement is $5 if lost