• Performing Arts Electives

    Band - Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, Concert Band, (audition required),
    Jazz Band, Specialty Ensembles
    Orchestra - Beginning Strings, Intermediate Strings, Advanced Strings
    (Intermediate Strings or audition required),
    Beginning Chorus — Available for all grades
    Concert Chorus — Available by audition and/or teacher recommendation .
    Honors Chorus — Available by audition only
    Piano Lab and Guitar
    Dance — Modern Dance 1, Modern Dance 2 (audition only), Modern Dance 3
    (audition only), Ballet 1, Ballet 2 (audition only), Ballet 3 (audition only), Jazz,
    Tap, Creative Movement, Dance Production (after school, audition only), Dance
    Ensemble, Dances Around the World , Music in Motion
    Theatre Arts— Acting I, Acting II (prerequisite:Acting I or part of cast for main stage production AND permission from instructor, Best of Broadway, and Technical Theatre.

    Visual Arts Electives -

    Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Crafts, Sculpture, Printmaking,
    Mask Making, Commercial Art, and Total Picture