• Spanish 1 Part A (1A) Yearlong


    This yearlong course is an introduction to the Spanish language and culture. Students study basic grammatical structures and vocabulary and use them in listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities at the beginning level. Topics include the

    greetings, classroom objects, numbers, colors, the calendar, weather expressions, telling time, animals, foods, the family, parts of the body, clothing, sports, subject pronouns, possession, agreement of nouns and adjectives, present tense of regular verbs, forming questions, prepositions, and possessive adjectives. Students will learn about the 21 Spanish speaking countries and culture through music, dance, stories and more.  It is recommended that students taking Spanish 1 have strong reading and writing and organizational skills as this is a course that leads to high school credit and is fast paced.  


    Spanish 1 Part B (1B) Yearlong

    Prerequisite: Spanish I Part A Students review topics in Spanish I Part 1 (1A) while continuing their study of more complex grammatical structures and vocabulary through activities involving listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students completing this course successfully may be able to move into Spanish II at the high school or in Spanish 2 in the eighth grade.

    Spanish 2

    Prerequisite: Successful completion (at least 85% or higher) of Spanish 1 part A and Spanish 1 part B

    Students review topics previously taught in Spanish I part A and B and refine their skills in all areas of language acquisition. A greater focus will be on speaking and writing skills.  Students completing this course successfully may be able to move into Spanish II or III at the high school.

    German I

Foreign Language Activity