Healthful Living

  • "Health and P.E. courses here at SRMHS allowed me to work on my physical fitness while learning activities and sports that I could use to pursue a lifetime of good health, such as badminton and jogging." - Jasmine G.

    In the Physical Education program here at SRMHS, we try to create an environment in which students will enjoy achieving physical fitness. Pupils, even those who are less physically inclined, usually love our classes. Besides the required ninth grade Healthful Living class, our weight training, team sports and lifetime sports classes are very popular. We take full advantage of the facilities at our disposal, such as our extensively equipped weight room and our new wellness area.

    Faculty Distinctions:

    • A National Board Certification
    • Four Advanced Degrees

Healthful Living Department Directory

Name Position Email Website
Carrington, Marque Health/PE Teacher
Gary, Elizabeth Peartree Health/PE Teacher
Logan, Cheryl L. Heath/PE Teacher
Smith, Jeffrey Wood Health/PE Teacher
Williams, James Health/PE Teacher
Yard, Nicole Sports Medicine