• Social Studies Department 

    "Social studies classes here at SRMHS have really opened my eyes to the wide variety of political and social issues facing people today." - Mike B.

    The Social Studies curriculum is designed to enlighten students about the social-historical aspects of the world around them and enable them to correspond with and participate in their communities in a well-informed manner. Students face challenges in the form of projects based on real-life scenarios and situations they will encounter in higher education and the workplace.

    Faculty Distinctions:
    • Over 75 years combined teaching experience
    • Nine New-Tech trained
    • Seven Advanced Placement trained
    • Six Advanced Degrees
    • One NC Teaching Fellow

Social Studies Department Directory

Name Position Email Website
Bage, David Teacher dbage@wcpss.net
Biggs, Derek Teacher djbiggs@wcpss.net
Boddie, Keith Teacher/Athletic Director kboddie@wcpss.net https://www.wcpss.net/domain/4257
Brown, Crystal Teacher cbrown7@wcpss.net
Ellis, Tyler Teacher wellis@wcpss.net
Hall, Cynthia Teacher cahall@wcpss.net https://sites.google.com/view/ms-halls-website
Harris, Amanda Teacher aharris@wcpss.net http://www.tinyurl.com/srmhs-mrsharris
Hensley, John Teacher jhensley2@wcpss.net http://www.mrhensley.org
Mayo, Colin Teacher cmayo@wcpss.net
Thrower, Laura Civics & Economics lthrower@wcpss.net http://www.laurathrower.com/
Weagraff, Jamin US History/Law & Justice jweagraff@wcpss.net http://jweagraff2.wixsite.com/weagraff