Science Department

  • "The variety of hands-on experiences I received in science courses have enriched me as a student and as a person by teaching me to be more inquisitive and experimental." - Joe C.

    SRMHS's Science department is designed to enlighten any interested pupil. With a variety of elective courses exploring fields such as biotechnology, forensics, zoology and anatomy enriching our curriculum, students have an exceptional and unparalleled learning environment. The program is partnered with a variety of others, such as the Medicine-Biotechnology CFLC and the UNC Chapel Hill PMABS.

    Faculty Distinctions:

    Three National Board Certified Teachers
    Student Groups:

    Science Olympiad
    Science Bowl
    Psi Nu Sigma

Science Department Directory

Name Position Email Website
Baker, Allie Teacher
Bransome, JeVar Teacher
Harrison, Dylan Teacher
Johnson, Tyler Teacher
McKnight, Cherina Teacher
Rambacher, Christy Teacher
Remy, Jason R. Teacher
Ruegamer, Christina Teacher/Dept Chair
Smith, Dennis Teacher
Toth, Melanie Teacher